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Top 5 Small Business Advertisement Techniques

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Ever wondered on how to promote a product or why your product is not flying off the shelves? Today we are listing 5 crucial advertisement techniques to enhance your brand awareness.

Creative Billboard Ad

We have all been there before, your business has a great product or service, but no clue on how to promote it. Sure you might have tried, some word of mouth, some printing, maybe even some paid ads on social media or even your local radio station. Unfortunately no matter what you've tried, the results were still the same, no ROI. As advertising strategies and techniques become more complex by the year. In today's blog post, we will be listing 5 crucial must haves in order for your product or service having a shot on making success.

01. Problem Solution

Every product or service no matter what they are, all need to follow one fundamental, which is to solve a problem. By clearly explaining the problem and how you plan on fixing it, your hope is to create a subconscious necessity for the consumer to actually purchase your product. By also focusing on problem solving advertisement techniques, your business will generate leads that are easier to close since they know exactly what "problem" you specialize on fixing.

02. Demographic Positioning

Now that you've aligned your product on solving a problem, who is your audience? Knowing your audience, is equally important as knowing your product itself. For instance, let's take a look at the billboard ad above, from this ad, who do you think their target audience is? You guessed it correctly, if you said age range of 35 - 65 years old, middle-class to upper class, male, married individuals, who passed by that billboard on a daily basis. Knowing important audience attributes such as age, gender, culture, taste, preferences and other factors is crucial to ensuring your product is aligned with fulfilling their needs.

Audi Creative AD

03. Be Creative

Consumers are exposed to numerous ads throughout the day, so in order for your ad to have a chance, be creative and do not be afraid of going outside of the norm. As a small business, you need to leverage all of the exposure and engagement you can get. Take a look at the competition, see what they are doing and promote your brand amplifying your differential.

04. Emotional Appeal

This is one of the best and generally used by many of the big companies. Whatever your product is, try to create an emotional appeal between your product and the consumer. Some say in 1948 De Beers created the modern day engagement ring by their brilliant "A Diamond is Forever" campaign, now we are not all in the industry of diamond selling, but an emotional appeal could be as simple kids happily playing in the backyard with their favorite new toy, which they got it from, you guessed it, your company.

Different Review Starts

05. Reviews/Endorsements

This is where the customers trusts your product. Gather the feedback and reviews from your customers and create testimonials and show it to your target audience. Better yet, if possible get an endorsement from a local public figure which will create even more brand awareness for your product. By leveraging reviews, you will create legitimate trust on your product and brand which in turn should help you generate more sales.

There you have it, the top 5 advertisement techniques for small businesses. Keep in mind that even after applying these techniques, perfecting an ad campaign takes times, and constant evaluation needs to take place. At OnServe, we have skilled advertising experts, which will work with your company to generate the results you have long been waiting for. If you are interested in hearing more about how we can jump-start your advertising strategies, please click here.

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